Your monsters: q fans accept Lynda Barry's drawing challenge

Cartoonist Lynda Barry challenged you to forget what you know about "good' and "bad" drawing and just create. Here's what you came up with.
Think you can't do Lynda Barry's drawing challenge? Take it from this 4 year old: just go for it, and have fun! (Jill Romagnoli/Twitter)

On Friday, cartoonist and professor Lynda Barry challenged you to forget what you know about "good' and "bad" drawing and just create. She detailed two drawing exercises (re-posted below) to help get you back in the groove.

Here's what you came up with over the weekend: 

Our level one winner is Angelika Dawson and our level two winner is Mary Loos. Congratulations! 

WEB EXTRA | Take Lynda Barry's drawing challenge

Level one! Monster to-do list:

1. Take an 8 1/2 x 11 inch piece of paper. It's better if it's a piece of paper you were planning to throw away.
2. Fold it into four quarters, so it's divided into four chambers.
3. Take a pencil or a pen. On one chamber, make a squiggle.
4. On another chamber, make a closed shape, like a square or a rhombus.
5. On the third quarter, make another squiggle. 
6. Set a timer for two minutes, that's how much time you have to turn that first squiggle into a monster. You know, eyeballs, teeth, claws, etc. Repeat for all four chambers. 
7. Make a list of 10 things you have to do that you're not doing. (I have to do my laundry, go to the dentist, etc.) 
8. Look at that list, and figure out which monster has to do what. 
9. Write those tasks above those monsters. It's an instant comic and the results are often hilarious. 

Level two! Monster parenting

1. Fold another sheet of paper into quarters. 
2. Take any one of those monsters, and now draw that monster's parents.
3. Think about the task that monster has to do — like go to the dentist. Make one parent loves the monster "Honey those teeth aren't important, what's matter is you're happy." Make another parent hate you "Of course you're not going to the dentist." 
4. Just have them start talking about the problem. It's instant! And the most important thing is it makes you start laughing. 


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