Louie actress Sarah Baker on viral 'Fat Girl' rant

Sarah Baker on her character's blunt assessment of dating as a fat woman.
Jian speaks to Sarah Baker, co-star of the viral ' So did the Fat Lady' episode that aired on Louis C.K.'s hit series, Louie. Baker plays Vanessa, a woman who accuses Louis C.K.'s character of being too insecure to date big women. 

In a speech that lasts several minutes, Vanessa delivers a blunt assessment of navigating the dating scene as a fat woman. Those looking for love and intimacy, she says, meet far too many guys who will sleep with them but won't hold their hands in public. 

Baker shares her personal take on the rant -- which she says she relates to but doesn't exactly reflect her experience -- how she landed the gig, and what she makes of the dearth of quality roles for plus-size actresses. 

"I feel I have a lot more to offer than just how I look," she tells Jian. 

If you'd like to watch the much-talked about scene, you'll find it in the window embedded below. Please note, the clip does contain strong language and sexual references.

We'd love to hear your thoughts on both this clip and Baker's interview. Does Vanessa's speech ring true to you? What do you make of her real-world experiences as a plus-size actress?

Louis C.K. on QTV 

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