Elvira Kurt just can't digest Japan's sexy chicken nugget

In this week's instalment of q's Cultural Hall of Shame, Elvira Kurt shames a busty, winking nugget spotted in Japan.
Comedian Danny Choo posted this photo of this sexy Chicken nugget ad to his Facebook page. (Danny Choo/Facebook)

In this week's instalment of q's Cultural Hall of Shame, Elvira Kurt shames a sexy chicken nugget avatar spotted in Japan. The busty, winking nugget comes complete with a tight dress and bow made of bones.

WEB EXTRA | Here's a glimpse of the sexy nugget, as well as a cartoonish Colonel Sanders and a lovesick boy nugget, as spotted on KFC Japan's website.

This busty, winking nugget is featured on KFC Japan's website. (kfc.co.jp)