'Fursonas' unzips the complex world of furry fandom

Filmmaker and furry Dominic Rodriguez sheds light on the oft-mocked costumed community of furries in a new documentary.
Director Dominic Rodriguez discusses his new documentary Fursonas and popular misconceptions about furry fandom. (Dominic Rodriguez/Animal)

Furries are often reduced to jokes about kinky sex or sweaty animal costumes — but Dominic Rodriguez says there's much more to the misunderstood subculture.

His new documentary Fursonas unzips the diverse and complicated culture of furry membership.  It takes an empathetic look at a world that outsiders openly mock, and explores the group's inner tensions.

Rodriguez, who came out about his own furry identity during the making of the film, explains how he was drawn into the community, how members of the community have reacted to the film, and what it might take to make furries more than a punchline. 

WEB EXTRA | Watch the trailer for Fursonas below.