Jill and Matthew Barber perform live in studio q

The brother-sister team of Jill and Matthew Barber perform from their first tandem record release, The Family Album, live in studio q.
Matthew and Jill Barber perform in studio q from their first collaborative release, The Family Album. (Ashly July/CBC)

Matthew and Jill Barber are already accomplished solo artists, but it wasn't until last year that they started to work on an album together.

It's fittingly called The Family Album, and launches on April 1. Half originals and half inspired covers, it's a rewarding listen and a worthy addition to the Canadian folk canon.

There's something kind of intangible and magic, I think when you hear families sing together.- Jill Barber

Despite having successful solo careers each with multiple albums to their names, the Barbers didn't come from what you would call a musical family.

"Our folks are about as non-musical as they come," said Jill. But family nonetheless plays an important part in their collaboration and the inspiration behind several of their songs, including Grandpa Joe, named after the real-life late grandfather.

Matthew and Jill — and a small army of musicians — join Shad in studio q to perform from The Family Album on Friday.