Lawrence Hill's a two-time Canada Reads winner with The Illegal

Lawrence Hill and his book's defender, Olympic medalist Clara Hughes, join Shad to talk about winning the 15th edition of CBC's annual battle of the books.
"The Illegal", written by award winning author Lawrence Hill and championed by Olympic medalist Clara Hughes is the winner of this year's Canada Reads. The two join Shad to chat about how the experience brought them together as friends and why we still need books in today's fast paced world. 17:04

Lawrence Hill's The Illegal is the latest winner of Canada Reads, CBC's annual battle of the books. Hill and his book's defender, Olympic medalist Clara Hughes, join Shad to discuss the winning book and this year's theme of starting over.

This is Hill's second win after his 2009 Canada Reads victory with The Book of Negroes, and he says creating again after such triumph doesn't come easily.

"It took a lot of nerve and facing my own demons just to settle down and write," he tells Shad.

As for Hughes, who says this was her first debate, what was important to her was coming each day with "respect and honour" for her fellow competitors.

"You cannot have a winner in arts," she tells Shad, before adding, "but I'm really happy that we won."

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Lawrence Hill is this year's Canada Reads winner. (CBC)