Have Pride Parades become all party and no protest?

North American Pride Parades are criticised by some for being too corporate, mainstream, and not political enough. Our guests debate the state of pride parades.

In the third instalment of q's new "Good or Bad" series, we take a close look at the present-day vibe of Pride parades in North America. Critics say the marches have become too corporate, too mainstream, and not political enough.

Against this backdrop, guest host Talia Schlanger checks checks in with two guests: 

  • Mariella Mosthof, who writes about sex, relationships, queer culture and more for Bustle.com. 

  • Aaron GlynWilliams, co-chair of Pride Toronto and someone who should be way too busy to join us today

q: Is the current state of Pride parading a dream come true, and a sign of mainstream acceptance? Or has all the partying eclipsed much needed political protest?