Fresh Kils is a master of face-melting mash up

'Beat performer' Fresk Kils performs live, talks about his growing genre and how producers are becoming live performance artists.
Yep, he kils it. Toronto beat performer Fresh Kils is our Friday Live guest. (Fabiola Carletti/CBC)

Fresk Kils is an award-winning hip-hop producer and collaborator who has worked with a range of acts, but when it comes to his own work — well, it's something you need to hear to understand. 

With a set up that includes a drum machine, and a series of sounds and samples, is Fresh Kils a producer playing beats or a musician in his own right?

Listen to Shad's check-in with the beat performer, and decide for yourself. 

WEB EXTRA | Check out Fresh Kils' mesmerizing beats in his winning routine from the Sound Battle Royale Championship.

A quick guide to Fresh Kils's samples

Price is Right routine
The Price Is Right theme

Check Your Led routine

Beastie Boys `Sabotage'
Led Zeppelin `Whole Lotta Love'

Adeltron routine

Adele `Rolling In The Deep'

Deltron 3030 `Mastermind'

Muhammad Ali Tribute routine
James Brown `Funky Drummer'
James Brown `Give It Up, Turn It Loose'
Funky Drummer/Tenacious D routine
James Brown `Funky Drummer'

Tenacious D `History'


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