Ryan Robbins plays a Mennonite pastor with a dangerous secret in CBC's new series Pure

The actor opens up about his role as a conflicted pastor trying to rid his community of the cocaine drug trade.
Canadian actor Ryan Robbins stars in the new CBC drama, Pure. (CBC)

CBC's new winter drama Pure contrasts the peaceful existence of an Ontario Mennonite community with the perils of the cocaine drug trade. Canadian actor Ryan Robbins plays Noah Funk, the conflicted pastor, who attempts to rid his community of drug traffickers. Robbins is known for playing frantic and conflicted characters, so the stoic pastor was a bit of a change. But the actor admits that he had more in common with his character than he first expected. "The more you play the character, the more you realize how similar you are in so many ways," says Robbins. 

Actor Ryan Robbins plays pastor Noah Funk in CBC's new drama Pure. (Olivia Pasquarelli)

Although many feel that Pure is the Mennonite Breaking Bad, Robbins doesn't entirely agree. "As you get into the show I think you'll see the clear differences," he says. Robbins is flattered by the comparison and understands why people are making this connection, but the characters take very different journeys and the similarities end at a family caught up in drug trade.

"There's been nothing like it," says Robbins of the show.  The series premiers on Monday January 9 at 9pm on CBC TV. 

WEB EXTRA | Watch the trailer for Pure below.