Dead or alive, The Lone Gunmen return to The X-Files

The X-Files is returning to TV this week — and somehow the Lone Gunmen are back, despite being killed off in the original series.
The Lone Gunmen say that it was eerie to be back on The X-Files set. (Fox)

The Lone Gunmen are back on The X-Files — but even they can't explain how they returned to the series after being killed off in season nine. Are they still dead? Or alive? 

"Our appearance on the show is consistent with both those possibilities," says Bruce Harwood, who plays John Byers. He and his fellow conspiracy theorists, Tom Braidwood (Melvin Frohike) and Dean Haglund (Richard Langly), join Shad to explain how three normal guys got caught up in The X-Files phenomenon and the enduring appeal of the series.  

They also reveal whether they believe the truth is out there. 

"Any time you think it's a conspiracy, it's just somebody screwed up and they're just trying to cover their ass," says Braidwood. 

"I vote for incompetence over cleverness every time," adds Harwood.

WEB EXTRA | In the interview's only sombre moment, the trio reflects on the eerie premonition of 9/11 in the pilot for their eponymous X-Files spin-off. The episode aired in March of 2001. Watch the video below. 


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