Barry Crimmins on how to deal with Trump presidency: 'We should attack with love'

To mark Inauguration Day, comedian Barry Crimmins talks about the problems with Donald Trump, how to deal with him and how it all affects the comedy world.
Comedian Barry Crimmins advises Americans to approach the upcoming four years under Donald Trump's presidency with love and compassion. (Getty Images)

Barry Crimmins believes that love and compassion are going to be the keys to the next four years in the United States. With Donald Trump's inauguration today, many (including Crimmins himself) are scared, but the famous comedian has some wise words for us. 

"We should attack with love," he says, of the way we should treat the new president. "Because it's a completely foreign concept to the man." 

Not only should the love be directed at Trump, but it should be something we aim to give everyone around us — especially in comedy clubs.

"I think it's up to us to sort of redefine and put together comedy again," Crimmins says. "Sort of like we did back in the late '70s and early '80s, where we developed our own rooms and we take better care of each other.

"When work on those things, we'll become a better community, we'll become better informed, and we'll be less likely to make a mistake of this level again."


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