Wintersleep previews The Great Detachment

Long before its spring release, Halifax's Wintersleep previews their compelling new album.
Halifax's Wintersleep performs a new song from their upcoming record, The Great Detachment.

Wintersleep has descended early, as the Halifax band previews their new album The Great Detachment in studio q. The compelling indie rock album isn't due out until spring — but today the band delights us with their fiery follow to Weighty Ghost. 

They also sit down with guest host Gill Deacon to discuss Walt Whitman, creative freedom and the renewed spirit of their new record. 

WEB EXTRA | Special treat, folks! Wintersleep delivered the live debut of Santa Fe in studio q

Wintersleep's founding members, from left to right, are Paul Murphy, Tim D'Eon and Loel Campbell. (Norman Wong)