Friends producer Kevin S. Bright says he tried to 'always keep the show honest'

Kevin S. Bright looks back at his time as the executive producer of Friends and how that led him all the way to his latest project, Best and Most Beautiful Things.
Kevin S. Bright was the executive producer of Friends, Joey and other popular TV shows. He most recently served as the executive producer on the 2016 documentary, Best and Most Beautiful Things. (Courtesy of Kevin S. Bright)

When Kevin S. Bright saw the first rehearsal for his television show Friends in 1994, he saw something special in the cast. "This cast looked like they had been together for five years already," Bright recalls.

Although he wouldn't go as far as predicting the NBC show's hit success, Bright's inclinations proved to be right. Even 13 years after the show wrapped its last episode, Friends remains a well-loved and watched television series. It's secret to longevity?

"It calls back to a more quiet day when people just sat around and talked to each other and didn't have a phone in their hand," Bright explains. "There's something nostalgic, there's something that you can latch on to [...] We stuck to universal stories and we didn't do gimmicks. Nobody got superpowers for an episode — we tried to always keep the show honest."

But once Friends wrapped and its spin-off Joey failed to take off, Bright took time away from Hollywood and became a teacher. In q's interview with Bright, he reveals to Tom Power why he made that career shift and how that circled back to entertainment in the form of his latest documentary project, Best and Most Beautiful Things.

Watch the trailer for Best and Most Beautiful Things below. Best and Most Beautiful Things is now available on iTunes


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