Q debate: Should the fistbump replace the handshake?

In cold and flu season -- and beyond -- should we adopt the fist bump over the handshake as a more hygenic greeting?
James Hamblin, right, says fist bumps can fit into office culture. They're not awkward. We're awkward. (The Atlantic)

Put away your grubby fingers for a moment and consider this: researchers at West Virginia University have recommended bumping fists instead of shaking hands to slow the spread of bacteria. Their findings may seem more appealing in cold and flu season -- but how likely are we to permanently loosen the grip of the traditional handshake? 

It's time for a Q debate! Be it resolved that we should adopt the fist bump over the handshake as a more hygienic approach to greeting one another. Some say fist bumps are inelegant -- but what if they're actuallysuper chill? 

Meet your debaters 

  • James Hamblin, M.D. and senior editor at The Atlantic magazine, put his weight behind the sanitary salutation in an article called The Fist-Bump Manifesto.
  • Conversely, writer and humorist Henry Alford will defend the honour of the humble handshake. He's the author of a modern exploration of etiquette: Would It Kill You To Stop Doing That?