Two Simpsons fans search for Worst. Episode. Ever.

Dan Mulhall and Jack Picone still think in Simpsons quotations — but their favourites are several years old. Their podcast explores the disconnect.
If you haven't watched The Simpsons in a while, you may not know about Marge and Homer's separation, followed by a fling with Lena Dunham, followed by a twist, and another twist! (The Simpsons/FOX)

We need to talk about The Simpsons. Yes, we had good times on the monorail, and it was pretty crazy when Maggie shot Mr. Burns — but something's changed.

Dan Mulhall and Jack Picone, two diehard fans who still think in Simpsons quotes, are trying to figure out how the family that doesn't age got old. Their podcast, Worst Episode Ever, is solely dedicated to rooting out the single worst episode the series has ever produced. You know, for science.

Today they join Shad to explain their bittersweet quest, reveal their current pick for worst episode, and ponder if their beloved show is like an old dog that needs to be put down. 

q: Are you among the legions of lapsed Simpsons fans? Do you know why you stopped watching the show? If you've seen recent episodes, how do they compare to the classics?


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