Meet JANE: a character who is (adjective) but beautiful

Since launching this week, Ross Putman's @femscriptintros has attracted over 48 thousand followers. Probably because JANE is so attractive.
Ross Putman about his Twitter feed @femscriptintros and what it says about the kind of roles that are written for women in Hollywood.

Imagine a movie, basically any movie at all. The female lead character makes her first appearance. She's athletic, but sexy. Overworked and kind of serious, but still attractive. She likes to wear jeans, but she makes them look good

These are the kinds of descriptions that indie film producer Ross Putman sees all the time. After reading piles of scripts introducing women in this way, mostly but not exclusively written by men, he decided to start a Twitter feed to highlight the "casual misogyny" in his industry.

"The way men are described, they are given the benefit of a personality," he says. 

Putman seems to have struck a nerve. Since launching on Tuesday, @femscriptintros has attracted over 48 thousand followers. 

WEB EXTRA | Check out this amazing creative commons flowchart by Shana Mlawski Carlos A. Hann Commander, which illustrates the simple but rare path to writing a strong female character. 

Behold just how many paths lead to one (maaaaybe two) dimensional! (Enlarge image here)

Check out this amazing creative commons flowchart by Shana Mlawski Carlos A. Hann Commander, which illustrates the simple but rare path to writing a strong female character. (Shana Mlawski/Carlos A. Hann Commander/CC)


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