Man Seeking Woman: Jay Baruchel on the absurdity of modern dating

Jay Baruchel joins Sean to discuss Man Seeking Woman, a surrealist sitcom from the colourful mind of Simon Rich.

They say love hurts -- but how does it hurt? Does it hurt like taking an arrow in the leg? Or like seeing your ex with an evil dictator? Or like an electric shock interrogation, administered by your own mother?

Man Seeking Woman, a sitcom from the colourful mind of Simon Rich, takes exaggeration seriously to explore the absurdities of modern dating. Jay Baruchel (This Is the End, How to Train Your Dragon) plays sad, sappy, love-lorn hero, Josh -- a man who's suffered more than his share of Cupid inflicted-wounds. 

Today Baruchel joins guest host Sean Rameswaram to talk about the show, but also his own experiences on love's battlefield.