Michael Turner's musical tribute to Vancouver's west side

The author and musician gives us a playlist of songs that remind him of his neighbourhood of Kerrisdale in Vancouver's west side.
Michael Turner busking in the early '80s.

In a segment we call the q Block Party, we invite guests to pay musical tribute to the neighbourhoods they hold dear to their hearts. 

Today, author and musician Michael Turner takes listeners on a guided musical tour through Kerrisdale in the '70s, a neighbourhood in Vancouver's west side known for it's harmonious mix of wealthy suburbanites, blue collar workers, and students.

Below are Turner's song picks and his reasons behind them.

Joni Mitchell, You Turn Me On, I'm A Radio

"When I hear that song now, I am back in 1972 in the back seat of my mother's 1965 Ford Falcon driving around Kerrisdale, which is the neighbourhood that I grew up in, in the south western part of Vancouver."

Trooper, "Baby Woncha Please Come Home"

"Vancouver in the mid '70s seemed quite static. There wasn't a lot of change. We were changing faster than the city was changing, now the city changes faster than I think we change. So back then it was going downtown and it was looking around for people that looked like you, people with their big wide leg pants and clogs and tight striped t-shirts."

The Dishrags, "I Don't Love You"

"This was a band from Victoria that played the first punk rock gig in Vancouver in 1977 at the Japanese Hall with another band called The Furies, and it really was something I wasn't of age to go into the clubs to see."

Subhumans, "Slave To My Dick"

"Where I am when I hear that song is back in the auditorium in my high school, Point Grey Senior Secondary, and a bunch of people in the school got together and raised the money and brought the Subhumans into play a lunch hour concert, which caused our teachers and principals to be very worried and upset."