Should the TV news anchor go the way of the dodo?

Political commentator Frank Rich says it's high time for television news anchors to go off air. He joins Shad today to make his case.
NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams was suspended without pay in February for misleading the public about his experiences covering the Iraq War. (Brad Barket/The Associated Press)

Do you trust your nightly news anchor? Frank Rich certainly doesn't. Far from trusting them as authorities, Rich describes them as people who "read headlines into a camera in an appealing way". 

The biting political commentator and the executive producer of HBO's Veep  shifts his attention from Washington in his latest New York Magazine column. He joins Shad to explain why the the "inane institution" of the TV anchorman needs to go off-air for good. 

q: Do you agree with Rich that news anchors are now a "hollow anachronism" — or do you still see them as important and authoritative figures?


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