Adam Beach on the political power of pop-up theatres

Actor Adam Beach explains why he's on a mission to bring first-run and Aboriginal films to First Nations communities.

What do pow wows and pop-up theatres have in common? They're both spaces of community, and of celebration says Adam Beach

The Arctic Air star is on a mission to bring first-run and aboriginal films to First Nations communities across North America. His 'Bandwidth' project, which launches today on the Brokenhead Ojibway Nation outside of Winnipeg, imagines the silver screen as a place to project budding dreams. 

The actor and activist, who says acting helped steer him away from gang life, joins Jian to discuss the power of storytelling in film and how he hopes to empower the next generation of indigenous filmmakers.

"Movies have been my way to get out of my backyard," says Beach. "I'm trying to let people know that movies change people's lives."