Q wins Gold for best interview at the 2021 New York Festivals Radio Awards

Tom Power's 2020 interview with actor Michael J. Fox took home the prestigious prize.

Tom Power's conversation with actor Michael J. Fox took home the prestigious prize

The New York Festivals honours storytellers around the world and across all platforms who have created content that's compelling in subject matter and ambitious in scope. (New York Festivals)

The New York Festivals Radio Awards celebrates world class audio work created by global storytellers from more than 30 countries. At the virtual Storytellers Gala on Tuesday, Oct. 12, Q was honoured with a Gold trophy for best interview, recognizing Tom Power's conversation with Michael J. Fox, produced by Mitch Pollock.

In the award-winning interview, the famously upbeat Canadian-born actor spoke about the limits of optimism after experiencing an exceptionally terrible year.

"A big thanks to Michael J. Fox, first of all, for his time, for his candor and for his generosity," Power said in his acceptance speech. "And thank you so much to the entire Q team. I often say that I get to be the lead singer of the best band in radio. But it's a band — it's all of us together."

LISTEN | Tom Power's full conversation with Michael J. Fox:

From Alex P. Keaton to Marty McFly, the characters played by Michael J. Fox have become touchstones in popular culture. But in the last couple decades, Fox’s primary focus has been his battle with Parkinson's disease and his work with The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research. Now, he’s released a brand new memoir, No Time Like the Future: An Optimist Considers Mortality, in which he shares personal stories and observations about life, family and success. The iconic Canadian actor joined Tom Power for a special extended interview about finding optimism in the face of adversity.