Death Cab for Cutie perform from Kintsugi

The revered indie-pop band drops by Studio Q to perform from their new record Kintsugi and sits down with guest host Allan Hawco to talk about their split from band co-founder Chris Walla.
Revered indie-pop band Death Cab For Cutie drop by Studio Q to perform from their new record Kintsugi. (Atlantic Records)

Revered indie-pop band Death Cab For Cutie drop by Studio Q to perform from their new record Kintsugi, which some say might be their most emotionally honest and raw album to date.​ 

They also sit down with guest host Allan Hawco to talk about their split last year from band co-founder Chris Walla and how the album was heavily influenced by lead singer Ben Gibbard's recent high-profile divorce from actress Zooey Deschanel.

Kintsugi, the eighth studio album from Death Cab For Cutie, is available on March 31, 2015. (deathcabforcutie.com)

The title for the band's eighth studio album, Kintsugi, means "golden joinery" in Japanese and describes a process for repairing broken ceramics using resin infused with gold powder. Bass guitarist Nick Harmer explains that the philosophy behind the practice resonated with him and his fellow bandmates, Ben Gibbard and Jason McGerr.

"[It's] the idea that repairing something that's broken and actually enhancing and highlighting those fractures and breaks makes it a new part of the objects history," Harmer says, "and that seeing those breaks and fractures somehow makes the piece more complete and more perfect." 

*Click on the listen button above to hear the full segment (audio runs 36:28).


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