Why artist provocateur Jonathan Hobin made children cry

Jonathan Hobin's latest series, Cry Babies, takes another run at society's notions of childhood innocence. "I know these images are going to be shocking," he says.
A cropped version of one of Jonathan Hobin's latest works shows a crying boyscout putting on makeup. See the uncropped photo and its partner below. (Jonathan Hobin)

Jonathan Hobin — the "artist provocateur" behind In The Playroom — is taking another run at childhood innocence with his new series, Cry Babies. Hobin's decidedly provocative photos tackle topics like abuse, pregnancy, racism, and war while using children as models.

Today the Ottawa-based photographer joins guest host Talia Schlanger to discuss his latest work, his own childhood, and how he responds to critics who say he's exploiting the naïveté of children. 

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Not for the faint of heart 

Think you can handle Hobin's work? Below you'll find two pairs of photographs, posted here with permission from the artist, as well as an exhibition trailer.