Bill Kurtis on why we're fascinated with true crime

Peabody and Emmy Award-winning broadcaster Bill Kurtis on why society is fascinated by brutality, and how covering true crime has affected him personally.

As a journalist and television news anchor, Bill Kurtis has covered a wide range of stories over his 40 year career — but the Peabody and Emmy Award-winner is best known for his genre-defining true crime programs on A&E, including American Justice and Cold Case Files.

Today Kurtis joins guest host Gill Deacon to discuss his four-decade career, our societal fascination with true-life crime stories, and how years of covering horrifying crimes has affected him personally. 

Bill Kurtis is one of the most recognized faces and voices in television. (Andrew Eccles)

(Plus, you may recognize Kurtis's voice from the trailer for Anchorman.)