Producer Paul Kalkbrenner presents a q gateway to techno music

In this q gateway to techno music, producer Paul Kalkbrenner shares some of his favourite songs and attempts to define techno for us.
Music producer Paul Kalkbrenner brings us a q gatway to techno music. (Olaf Heine)

The word "techno" can bring a lot of stereotypes to mind — strobe lights, hard drugs and DJs throwing stuff into the crowd — and that might be how some people define techno music, but it's not how Paul Kalkbrenner would do it.

He's a techno producer from Germany who was born in East Berlin before the Wall came down. Once the late '80s rolled around, Kalkbrenner would often listen to a former communist radio station, which played the most mysterious and enchanting dance music.

He'd stay up all night, recording mixes on cassette tapes and, as Berlin began to open up again, Kalkbrenner would break his curfew to go dancing at night. He eventually grew up to be a superstar in the world of electronic dance music.

These days, Kalkbrenner headlines music festivals all around the world — he even performed at the 25th anniversary of the Berlin Wall coming down. In this q gateway to techno music, Kalkbrenner attempts to define techno, which, as it turns out, is not an easy thing to do. His new album Parts of Life comes out Friday, May 18.

Produced by Vanessa Greco

Paul Kalkbrenner, 100 Days until Tomorrowland ​


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