'My mom is the first person I rapped for': Big Sean

The rapper talks about the latest video from his hit album, I Decided.

Big Sean on the story behind 'Halfway Off the Balcony'

Big Sean's fourth album is entitled I Decided (Universal Music )

Big Sean's latest album is entitled I Decided and for the Detroit hip-hop artist it represents a continuation of the creative formula he established on his third album, 2015's Dark Sky Paradise. The new album features hit singles "Moves" and "Bounce Back" as well as Big Sean's latest video, "Halfway Off the Balcony."

While the title of that song suggests it may be about contemplating suicide, the song actually explores the metaphorical, rather than the literal meaning of its title. "Halfway Off the Balcony" features Big Sean wrestling internally with the pressures of fame and relationships and concludes with him contemplating a call to his mother who has been a constant guiding figure in his music. 

"My mom is the first person I rapped for and my grandma was the first person who supported my music even though she wanted me to go to school [and] even though I did the opposite," says Big Sean, speaking with CBC. "I will never really forget that, how much that means to me. So, everything I rap about  — especially family — that's just true to who I am."

"I know I was going through certain things but I recorded ['Halfway Off the Balcony'] in 2015, before I really even started working on [I Decided]," says Big Sean, recalling the recording process.

"I love that song. It's from ... a different section [of the album] from 'Bounce Back' and 'Moves,'" Big Sean continues. "It's something that is more of a feeling, something I felt that a lot of people probably feel. It's just a darker-sounding track. I hadn't heard too many songs sounding like that, in that vein, from a production standpoint and it was produced by Amaire Johnson who was one of the producers I signed.

"It's definitely a really vibed song. I'm hoping people can take something from it."

— Del Cowie, q digital staff 


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