Artist Curtis Talwst Santiago on creating tiny 3D worlds inside of vintage jewelry boxes

Curtis Talwst Santiago is a multidisciplinary artist who creates tiny dioramas inside vintage jewelry boxes. He joined q's Tom Power to talk about his art and why he loves the miniature form.
Artist Curtis Talwst Santiago and one of his creations from his Infinity Series. (Luis Mora, JSP Art Photography)

Originally published on Nov. 25, 2019

There's something fascinating about seeing our world scaled down in miniature form. It's something that kids tap into early on with Polly Pockets, Micro Machines, Kinder Surprises and school dioramas.

Multidisciplinary artist Curtis Talwst Santiago was the kind of kid who was big into miniature things. Even now, as an adult, he hasn't been able to shake that feeling. 

The Edmonton-born artist has become internationally known for creating intricate historical scenes inside of vintage jewelry boxes.

Santiago joined q's Tom Power to talk about his collection of dioramas, called Infinity Series, at the Toronto Biennial of Art.

A feature on Satiago's work from CBC's In The Making is streaming now on CBC Gem. See some examples of his work below.

Update: Curtis Talwst Santiago's latest exhibit, Liming, is on now until Feb. 14, 2021 at the Art Gallery of Alberta.

— Produced by ​Beza Seife