Did Rotten Tomatoes delay Justice League's score on purpose?

q contributors Amanda Joy and Eli Glasner discuss Rotten Tomatoes' delayed release of Justice League's score, the end of the Mindy Project and Canada's Most Memorable TV Thing.

Last Friday, the long-awaited Justice League hit theatres and while reviews started rolling out earlier that week, Rotten Tomatoes decided to delay the release of its score until Thursday. This raised some eyebrows for film fanatics as the full embargo was lifted last Tuesday night, leading people to believe that Rotten Tomatoes, a site that averages a number of positive and negative reviews of a film to come up with a median score, purposefully held off on releasing what might be a low score that'll effect audiences' perceptions of the movie. (The score ended up being 43% and has only continued to drop since.)

Today on the show, q contributors Amanda Joy and Eli Glasner will discuss Rotten Tomatoes' controversial move as well as the end of Mindy Kaling's beloved comedy, The Mindy Project, and something that has taken off on social media recently called Canada's Most Memorable TV Thing

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