Captain Marvel: Why some critics are reluctant to give an honest review of the film

Captain Marvel is the first female-led superhero movie from Marvel Studios — but is it any good?
Brie Larson stars in Captain Marvel, the first female-fronted superhero film from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. (Marvel Studios)

Every Monday, the q screen panel convenes to look at the biggest stories happening in the worlds of film, television and streaming entertainment. Today, arts and culture writers John Semley and Tina Hassannia join Tom Power to talk about Captain Marvel — Marvel's first female-led superhero movie ever, starring Brie Larson.

Despite pulling in $455 million at the box office this past weekend — the second biggest opening for a superhero film in history — Captain Marvel has been hugely criticized. Ahead of the release of the film, it was targeted by online trolls on Rotten Tomatoes in an attempt to tank the film's score and boycott it before the trailer was even released.

Outside of Rotten Tomatoes, some film critics have said they're having a tough time giving this film a fair and honest review. 

"It puts people in a weird spot," says Semley. "As good, progressively-minded individuals we want to say, yes, we should have movies with strong female characters... but then also as critics, we're in a weird jam [because] these films aren't necessarily that good."

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