Phoenix's new album is a 'hedonistic' response to the Paris attacks

The members of the French electro-rock band talk to Tom Power about their new album, Ti Amo.
Phoenix's latest album is entitled Ti Amo. (Supplied)

French electro-rock band Phoenix has just released its latest album, a concept record called Ti Amo.

And the word they use to describe that concept? Gelato. That might seem silly but there's method to their madness. The bandmembers were writing their record in Paris when the horrific attacks at the Bataclan took place and their artistic response to that tragedy was to embrace hope, and enjoyment and pleasure.

Their version of pleasure was a fantastical image of an Italian disco on a hot summer night, where they're dancing with friends and eating gelato. The band stopped by q recently to chat about that inspiration and finding hope in darkness.

Tom Power sits down with them for a chat about their record and they play "J-Boy" and the title track from Ti Amo in the q studio.

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