Screenwriter Elan Mastai on his hotly anticipated blockbuster novel, All Our Wrong Todays

Elan Mastai's first novel, All Our Wrong Todays explores alternate realities and the idea of what went wrong with humanity's dreams for the future.
Screenwriter Elan Mastai (Melody Lau)

Screenwriter Elan Mastai tackles how "utopia curdled into dystopia" in his first novel, All Our Wrong Todays. The book tells the story of a man's journey between two vastly different versions of Earth in the year 2016, but Mastai says beyond the alternate realities it is truly a story about "taking responsibility for your actions."

This novel has given Mastai the chance to answer the questions that have plagued him since childhood. "The 'What ifs,' 'What if I made a different decision?' 'What if history went a different way?' I find that stuff pretty compelling. I've been interested since I was a kid in that idea of the future we were supposed to have and what went wrong," he tells Tom Power.

Mastai's first novel All Our Wrong Todays is out now. 

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