Director Alex Garland on Annihilation, The Beach and adapting novels into films

As an author turned filmmaker, Alex Garland has been on both sides of the book-to-screen adaptation coin. He drops by the q studio to discuss his latest film Annihilation.
Annihilation director and screenwriter Alex Garland joins host Tom Power live in the q studio. (Chanel Klein/CBC)

When Alex Garland was just 26, he published a book called The Beach. It was a huge hit that director Danny Boyle turned into a movie of the same name starring Leonardo DiCaprio. From that moment on, Garland began finding success with writing screenplays (28 Days Later, Never Let Me Go and Sunshine) and in 2015 he directed his first film, Ex Machina. Now, he's back with a screen adaptation of a wildly-successful novel by Jeff VanderMeer. Annihilation is a mind-bending sci-fi thriller with a huge cast, including Natalie Portman and Oscar Issac.

Today, Alex Garland joins Tom Power live in the q studio to talk about his work as both a writer and filmmaker.

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