Jason Connery explores family through the sport of golf in Tommy's Honour

Jason Connery's latest film, Tommy's Honour, tells the story of the first family of golf, Old Tommy Morris and Young Tommy Morris. Connery discusses the parallels he sees between the film's subjects and his own family.
Director Jason Connery and Tom Power at the q studios in Toronto, Ont. (Melody Lau/CBC)

Growing up, Jason Connery spent a lot of time on the greens playing golf with his dad, Sean. So it's no surprise that his latest movie is about the first family of golf, Old Tommy Morris and his son, Young Tommy Morris. 

Tommy's Honour combines Connery's love of family and golf, telling the story of the famous Scottish golfers in the 1800s who both won the Open Championship multiple times and revolutionized the game. And fear not, Connery says you don't have to be passionate about golf to get tee'd up about this film.

For Connery, golf serves as a vehicle to deliver a deeper story about a father and son and the society they lived in at the time. "The love between the family is never in question," he notes. "But they can question anything else." 

Tommy's Honour hits theatres May 12 in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver, and will expand to other major cities at the end of May. 

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