Fab Filippo draws from his own experiences in new trauma-dy web series

The Canadian actor and director uses his real-life experiences as inspiration for Save Me, a web series that looks at the lives of EMTs moments before tragedy strikes.
(Vanessa Nigro/CBC)

Often times when someone goes through a traumatic experience, they say it felt like it was happening in slow motion. But what about the moments just before an accident — just before something happens that will change your life forever? Fab Filippo's new web series, Save Me, explores just that. 

Save Me is made up of 10 episodes that​ give a glimpse into the lives of EMTs and what happens just before they're called in to help. Filippo's inspiration for the show came from an incident with his four-year-old son that made him reassess what's important in life.

While each episode is roughly five minutes in length, Filippo manages to explore narratives of infidelity, addiction and physical trauma in that short time. To make the show as realistic as possible, Filippo worked with a paramedic consultant and attended ride alongs with EMTs to capture the urgency and reality of being the victim of a life-altering medical emergency. 

The cast includes some prominent names on the Canadian stage and screen, including Sonja Smits from The Best Laid Plans, Brent Carver from the The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and Jean Yoon from Kim's Convenience.

Save Me premieres Monday, April 10, on CBC.ca

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