Friday, Sept. 27, 2019: Atticus, Jia Tolentino and more

Today on q: Instagram poet Atticus, q This with Lisa Christiansen and Sean Michaels, the full story behind a John Coltrane album nearly lost to time, writer Jia Tolentino.
Instagram poet Atticus, jazz legend John Coltrane, writer Jia Tolentino. (Chase Alexander, Jim Marshall, Elena Mudd)
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Today on q, with Tom Power:

  • Masked poet Atticus tells us why he calls Instagram the "gateway drug" to poetry.
  • The q This music panel discusses the Beatles' iconic album Abbey Road, which turns 50 this week.
  • The full story behind a French-Canadian director, John Coltrane and an album nearly lost to time.
  • Writer Jia Tolentino talks about the horrors of the internet, her past as a reality TV star and her new book of essays, Trick Mirror.

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