Friday, Sept. 25, 2020: Bruce Cockburn, Simone Saunders and Tekikki Walker

Today on q: singer-songwriter Bruce Cockburn, gateway to Prince's Sign o' the Times, artists Simone Saunders and Tekikki Walker.
Singer-songwriter Bruce Cockburn, artist Simone Saunders, artist Tekikki Walker. (Vivian Rashotte/CBC, Simone Saunders, Tekikki Walker)

Today on q, with Tom Power:

  • Canadian singer-songwriter Bruce Cockburn discusses his lyric-less instrumental album, Crowing Ignites.

  • Audio engineer Susan Rogers breaks down some of the songs on Prince's album, Sign o' the Times, and shares what she felt he was trying to achieve at that moment in his career.

  • Artists Simone Saunders and Tekikki Walker talk about finding common ground between their Canadian and American identities — and creating art that transcends geography.