Friday, Sept. 22, 2017: Oh Wonder, Salman Rushdie and more

Today on q: British pop band Oh Wonder, author Salman Rushdie, a gateway to the music of Glenn Gould and q This with Raina Douris and Jay Onrait.
Oh Wonder, author Salman Rushdie and an introduction to Glenn Gould by Jan Liesiecki are featired on the Sept. 22 episode of q. (twitter/OhWonder/Getty/File )
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Today on q, hosted by Tom Power: (1) Oh Wonder's unlikely route to success; (2) Salman Rushdie book predicted the U.S. election better than he did; (3) a musical gateway to Glenn Gould; (4) is it 2006 all over again? Looking at new releases from Fergie and The Killers; (5) The Killers, Destroyer and more: music from today's episode.