Donovan Woods's new album Without People ponders how relationship songs take on new meaning amid COVID-19

Juno Award-winning singer-songwriter Donovan Woods joins q host Tom Power to chat about his new album, Without People, and perform a few songs.
Canadian singer-songwriter Donovan Woods. (Maya Fuhr)

If the pandemic has put one thing into focus for everyone, it's the people in our lives: those we love or are connected to, and all the people we haven't been able to see.

Juno Award-winning singer-songwriter Donovan Woods found himself thinking a lot about his relationships during quarantine as he worked on his latest album, Without People, which is out today.

In a conversation with q's Tom Power, Woods explained why creating this album collaboratively during a time of solitude was exactly what he needed.

The singer-songwriter has also launched the Donovan Woods With People Project to support independent creators from North America, the U.K., Sweden, Kenya, and more across a diverse range of art mediums. Woods works with these artists to come up with an interpretation of each song on Without People.

New York artist Ariana and the Rose — who also joined Woods in his conversation with Power — conceived and performed in a music video for the song We Used To.

WATCH | Donovan Woods With People Project video for We Used To:

Below, watch two performances recorded live for q. Woods is accompanied by composer and musician Joshua Van Tassel.

WATCH | Woods's song Seeing Other People (recorded live for q):

WATCH | Woods's song We Used To (recorded live for q):

— Produced by Danielle Grogan


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