How Jewel overcame homelessness and sexism to release one of the bestselling albums ever

The chart-topping singer presents a q oral history of her debut album, Pieces of You, to mark its 25th anniversary.

The chart-topping singer's debut album Pieces of You turns 25 this year

Album art for Jewel's debut album Pieces of You. (Atlantic Records)

In 1995, singer-songwriter Jewel proved that a folk record deserved to be a part of everyone's pop playlist. Her debut album Pieces of You became one of the bestselling debut albums of all time, eventually selling more than 12 million copies — but the road to success wasn't an easy one.

This year marks the 25th anniversary of Pieces of You and today the album is being reissued. In a special q oral history, Jewel looks back on the making of her first record, remembering how one promise she made to herself when she was homeless became the driving principle that led to its creation.

In addition to reissuing Pieces of You, Jewel will also be performing a live virtual concert, playing the album from front to back for the very first time. Tickets are available here.

VIP ticket proceeds will be donated to Jewel's Las Vegas-based non-profit, the Inspiring Children Foundation, and Voices of Hwǫłdzil (Resilience) - Adabi Healing Center, a community-based domestic violence and sexual assault crisis intervention and prevention program in the Chinle Agency and surrounding areas of the Navajo Nation.

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