Steve Coogan sits down for a more serious meal in The Dinner

Actor and comedian Steve Coogan takes on a more dramatic role in the new film, The Dinner. Coogan talks about comedy versus drama, eating food onscreen and how this new project is relevant on personal and geopolitical levels.
British actor Steve Coogan stars in the popular TV series, The Trip, which returned for its third season this year. (AFP/Getty Images)

If you've been browsing Netflix or following the career of Steve Coogan, you might have noticed that the actor has been eating a lot of dinners recently. 

Coogan is one half of the dynamic duo on the popular television series, The Trip, which returned for its third season this year and, in his latest film, The Dinner, he's also eating but this time, it's a more serious meal.

The film follows two couples dining in a restaurant while discussing family problems. For Coogan, the film raises the question of morals versus loyalty and what happens when the two conflict. It's a theme that not only reflects the intimate situation of the film, but also a larger discussion on geopolitical levels. 

"It ticks a lot of boxes for me," Coogan says, when asked what interested him about the film. "It's very intelligent; no one is good or bad in the movie, there are shades of grey in every character."

The Dinner is out in theatres across North America today.

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