André Alexis didn't tune in to Canada Reads but Humble the Poet pulled out a win for them

Canada Reads' winning panellist and author, Humble the Poet and André Alexis, respectively, joined Tom Power in Ottawa to discuss this year's intense battle-of-the-books.
Humble the Poet and André Alexis speaking to Tom Power live at the Bronson Centre Theatre in Ottawa, Ont. (Michel Aspirot/CBC)

André Alexis's book, Fifteen Dogs, might've won Canada Reads yesterday thanks to panellist Humble the Poet, but Alexis has something to admit: he didn't listen to any of this week's debates. 

"The idea of sitting down and listening to people talk about you is like the idea of listening to people judge your dirty laundry," he explains. "But I got reports! For me, it's Humble's victory more than it's my victory." 

Alexis had immense confidence in his book's defender, though, and it was evident even before Canada Reads kicked off. When the two were given an hour to talk prior to the competition, Humble the Poet remembers Alexis having no interest in discussing strategy.

He adds: "We spent an hour geeking out about being authors, writing, that whole process — it was magnificent, I got to pick his brain."