Friday, June 26, 2020: Katy Perry, Roddy Doyle and more

Today on q: pop icon Katy Perry, q This music panel with A. Harmony and Lisa Christiansen, hip-hop historian Nelson George, author Roddy Doyle.
Katy Perry, J. Cole, Roddy Doyle. (Liza Voloshin, Getty Images, Mark Nixon)
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Today on q, with host Tom Power:

  • Pop icon Katy Perry discusses her new single Daisies, and opens up about writing inspiring hits like Firework and Roar while "in the worst place" of her life.

  • On this week's q This music panel, A. Harmony and Lisa Christiansen unpack the fallout from J. Cole's new song Snow On Tha Bluff, and what it might say about the state of gender relations in hip-hop right now.

  • Hip-hop historian Nelson George guides us through the world of New York hip-hop in the '80s, from Kurtis Blow to Eric B.

  • Author Roddy Doyle talks about his latest novel Love, which tells the story of two old friends who meet at a Dublin pub to reconnect and remember their youth.