Polaris Prize long list offers snapshot of Canada's diverse music scene in 2019

The q This music panel discusses the Polaris Prize long list, which is stacked with recent q guests.

The 2019 long list is stacked with recent q guests

Orville Peck, Haviah Mighty, Les Louanges, PUP and Kaia Kater are among the 40 artists on the 2019 Polaris Prize long list. (Vivian Rashotte/CBC, CBC Music, leslouanges.com, Vivian Rashotte/CBC, Raez Argulla)

Every Friday, the q This panel looks at the biggest stories in music news. Today, CBC arts reporter Lisa Christiansen and freelance music journalist Stuart Berman join host Tom Power to talk about the Polaris Prize long list.

Yesterday, 40 bands and artists from across the country found out that they're in the running to win a $50,000 cash prize this fall. Beyond the money, the Polaris Prize is a recognition of great Canadian music that gives us a sense of what our country sounds like in 2019. 

Chistiansen and Berman, who are both Polaris jury members, tell us more.

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