This artist thinks we've taken technology for granted — so he's turning it into art

San Francisco artist Neil Mendoza explains his art, which merges technology and art together into absurd but thoughtful pieces.
(Courtesy of Neil Mendoza)

Neil Mendoza is a renowned San Francisco-based artist known for his high-tech art. 

His work is kind of cheeky but totally amazing, like an orchestra made of knives, a device that helps hamsters draw self portraits and a goldfish with a hammer. 

Mendoza's work might make you smile, but he hopes it will make you think about the possibilities of technology and the relationship between technology and art. 

Today, Mendoza joins guest host Ali Hassan to discuss his unusual work and how we take the technology in our daily lives for granted. Below are videos of two of Mendoza's pieces, which are mentioned in the interview: "Rock Band" and "Fish Hammer."

— Produced by Cora Nijhawan