Friday, Jan. 21, 2022: Deborah Cox, Tanya Tagaq and more

Today on Q with Tom Power: singer-songwriter Deborah Cox, animator Andrea Dorfman and poet Tanya Davis, singer-songwriter Tanya Tagaq.

Today on Q: Deborah Cox, Andrea Dorfman and Tanya Davis, Tanya Tagaq

Singer-songwriter Deborah Cox, a still from How to Be at Home, singer-songwriter Tanya Tagaq. (Submitted by Deborah Cox, NFB/YouTube, Thomas van der Zaag)

Today on Q with Tom Power:

  • Singer-songwriter Deborah Cox looks back on her incredible career, including singing backup vocals for Céline Dion and breaking Billboard chart records with her own music.

  • Animator Andrea Dorfman and poet Tanya Davis talk about their collaborative short film How to Be at Home — an illustrated poem featuring a set of tips for surviving the pandemic.

  • Singer-songwriter Tanya Tagaq discusses her new song, Teeth Agape, and how it expresses her fierce desire to protect her children from harm.

WATCH | Deborah Cox's full interview with Tom Power:

WATCH | Official video for Teeth Agape: