She's So High at 20: How Sheryl Crow, Pavarotti and the Beatles inspired the hit song

On the 20th anniversary of She's So High, Tal Bachman shares the story of making the hit song.
Tal Bachman's song She's So High and his self-titled debut record turn 20 this year. (YouTube screenshot)

"An old saying goes that necessity is the mother of invention," said Tal Bachman. "And when it comes to She's So High, I felt like I was under the necessity of writing a big tune."

The Canadian musician's career didn't start on a high note, but that all changed with the release of She's So High off his eponymous 1999 album, Tal Bachman. On the 20th anniversary of that hit song, Bachman joined us to share the story of how hearing Sheryl Crow's If It Makes You Happy initially inspired the song, with an added dose of Pavarotti and the Beatles. 

WATCH | Official video for She's So High:

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