Peter Asher shares stories from his decades-long relationship with the Beatles

Musician Peter Asher has a perspective on Paul McCartney and the Beatles that we don't often hear. Now he's put some of his favourite stories on the page in a new book called The Beatles from A to Zed.
The Beatles' Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Ringo Starr and John Lennon at the BBC Television Studios in London on June 17, 1966. (Getty Images)

Musician Peter Asher is a close friend and business partner to the Beatles. His sister, Jane Asher, started dating Paul McCartney just as the Beatles were taking off. As a result of that, McCartney moved into Asher's family home and shared the top floor with him. It became a decades-long friendship that led to Asher becoming the head of A&R at the Beatles' Apple Records and touring with the Beatles during Beatlemania.

Today, some of the memories Asher holds closest are those of being the first person to ever hear some of the Beatles' most iconic songs, including one track that changed his life. Asher has a perspective on McCartney and the Beatles that we don't often hear and now he's put some of his favourite stories on the page.

He joined us to share some stories from his new book, The Beatles from A to Zed: An Alphabetical Mystery Tour, which is out now.

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