6 famous Tragically Hip fans reveal their favourite song

Geddy Lee, Clara Hughes, Rick Mercer, Serena Ryder, Joseph Boyden and Atom Egoyan share what the Tragically Hip mean to them and our country.
Gord Downie superimposed over a 1910 postcard featuring the canal and Locks of Bobcaygeon, Kawartha Lakes, Ontario. (Ben Shannon, CBC/Valentine & Sons' Publishing Co. Ltd.)

As part of today's Tragically Hip special, six famous fans — Geddy Lee, Clara Hughes, Rick Mercer, Serena Ryder, Joseph Boyden, Atom Egoyan — share their favourite memories of the band and its music.

1) Geddy Lee of Rush: "Gord has a great way of personalizing whatever he's talking about. I look at his lyric writing as short story writing."

His favourite Hip song? 50 Mission Cap

2) Olympian Clara Hughes: "The Tragically Hip seem to have the finger of the pulse of this nation - not just well-known people, but everyday people. They tell the narratives of Canadians."

Her favourite Hip song? Bobcaygeon

3) Comedian Rick Mercer: "I'm not a guy who sings along with music, but I always try and sing along to Fireworks and it's so hard! I'm not that musically literate, I don't know what that's called, I think it's genius."

His favourite Hip song? Fireworks

4) Musician Serena Ryder: "It brings me right back to where I am and makes me imagine what I want my future to be like."

Her favourite Hip song? Fully Completely

5) Author Joseph Boyden: "When I hear one of their songs, it's almost as if it was written for me."

His favourite Hip song? Wheat Kings

6) Filmmaker Atom Egoyan: "They're also physically so embedded in the mythology of this country. They embrace so many different aspirations of what it means to be Canadian."

His favourite Hip song? Courage


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