'My whole life ended': Michael Bublé opens up about son's cancer in emotional Carpool Karaoke

The Canadian crooner also sings hits, jokes about weight loss, and has a scat contest with Corden's dad

The Canadian crooner also sings hits, jokes about weight loss and has a scat contest with Corden's dad

"My whole life ended," says Michael Bublé about the day that he and his wife were told their three-year-old son Noah had cancer. (YouTube)

Canadian pop and jazz star Michael Bublé is known for his sense of humour and his upbeat demeanour, but on the latest instalment of Carpool Karaoke, he also talks about his young son's battle with cancer.

At the start of the segment, Bublé and host James Corden hit the streets of Los Angeles, where they joke about their struggle with weight, Bublé projects his voice to order a coffee from afar, and at one point, Corden's saxophonist father even gets in the car so he and Bublé — who famously dislikes the saxophone — can have "a scat battle."

Along the way they sing along to several of the Canadian crooner's biggest hits, among them It's a Beautiful Day, Haven't Met You Yet and Everything.

The conversation becomes much more somber, however, when Bublé opens up about his son's battle with liver cancer, and describes how difficult it was for him and his wife.

"It's so hard to have to acknowledge it because it's so painful to talk about, but obviously we got the diagnosis, and that was it, man. My whole life ended," says Bublé as he chokes back tears. "Basically they just said that it wasn't great and so we just took it day by day."

Bublé goes on to say that his sisters, his parents and his wife's family all moved to L.A. to be near the children's hospital.

When Corden asks Bublé how he got through such a difficult time, he admits that he still hasn't entirely. "I'm not ok. When this all started, I became the strength to somehow pull us and lift us and to be positive. And when they got it out and the chemo was done and they said, 'We did it. It's good. He's OK,' I fell. I just fell," he says. "My wife picks me up now."

Now Noah is five years old, adds Bublé. "He loves Spiderman, we love Spiderman. And I always say to him, 'Spiderman is amazing. Superman is amazing. But they're fake. They're not real,'" he says. "'You're my real superhero.'"

At the end of the video, which was part of a special Stand Up To Cancer episode, Bublé makes a plea directly to viewers, asking them to donate to cancer charities.

"You think you're one little person who can't change things, but all of us can completely, completely make a huge difference. And if you do it and you save just one little person, man, that's it. That's what life is," he says before breaking into his hit Home. "Simple."


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