Marg Delahunty takes on climate change in pre-election video: watch

The Warrior Princess is part of a pre-election campaign that includes Eric McCormack, Sheila McCarthy, Andrea Martin, Gordon Pinsent, Tatiana Maslany, Shaun Majumder and many others.
"We are on the verge of a complete ecological collapse," says Marg Delahunty, the classic Canadian comedy character. "I mean it so bad around here it’s almost biblical." (YouTube)

Marg Delahunty may be best known for her hilarious take-downs of top politicians, but now the classic Canadian character has a specific election issue in mind: climate change.

"This is not a drill. Ferocious forest fires in B.C. and Alberta, record flooding in Ontario and Quebec, sea levels rising all over the Atlantic provinces. We are on the verge of a complete ecological collapse," says Delahunty, played by comedian and former This Hour Has 22 Minutes star Mary Walsh in a new video.

"I mean it's so bad around here it's almost biblical."

The video is part of a new campaign by Artists for Real Climate Action, or ARCA, a non-partisan group of actors, filmmakers, writers, musicians, directors and others who are encouraging voters to talk to politicians, friends and family about the issue of climate change.

The campaign will also feature videos by renowned Canadians including Will & Grace actor Eric McCormack, Genie-winning stage and screen actress Sheila McCarthy, SCTV legend Andrea Martin, revered writer and director Gordon Pinsent, Eric Peterson of Corner Gas, Orphan Black's Tatiana Maslany, Due South's Paul Gross, Anne of Green Gables' Megan Follows, comedian Shaun Majumder and Canadian scientist David Suzuki.

Toronto actor and artist Liisa Repo-Martell launched the group with friends who shared her concerns, and wanted to use their platforms to help make climate change a central issue in the upcoming federal election, regardless of party preferences.

"[We] believe that we can use our respective crafts, creative voices, and platforms to get the message out to all Canadians that we need to vote for real action for climate change on October 21 and demand that our leaders make climate action a priority," said Repo-Martell in a press release.

In her new video, however, Delahunty puts things a little more bluntly.

"Here in Canada, like in the rest of the world, we're in a real clusterf--k of climate change. It's Armageddon time. We are this close to seeing the seven-headed beast rise up out of the blood dimmed tides of the sea. No wonder we're all staggering around whacked out of our gourds on opioids," she says.

"Yes there is hope. Just not for us," she adds. "All that we've got left is action."


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